I’m Not Sorry: Step-By-Step Guide On Overcoming Guilt & Shame

It always feels as if there is so much complexity to the reasons we feel bad about things. As if the feeling is impossible to rid ourselves of without that one distinctive answer that seems just barely out of reach. I can’t say for certain whether the answer to anyone’s personal pain is within theirContinue reading “I’m Not Sorry: Step-By-Step Guide On Overcoming Guilt & Shame”

Beyond Literature

A true artist never calls a specific canvas “the one,” because that puts ceilings on their abilities. The following is a gallery of just a few of the things that I’ve built with my bare hands.. well… And tools. You get the point. Check it.. My First Blade To make a very long story short,Continue reading “Beyond Literature”

Time: Part I

Hands on a clock tick and we perceive a forward momentum from it. “Time is moving,” is a very common thing we say. It’s either too fast or too slow, but the comfortable medium seems to elude us. Studies are constantly being conducted to further understand our human viewpoint of Time and its mechanics, thoughContinue reading “Time: Part I”