Energy, Frequency, Vibration: Part I

Can you hear it? The hum that seems to never cease? The ringing in your ear that you don’t always notice, but can’t seem to shake once you do? The universe is constantly vibrating, as well as everything in it. In fact, it’s more appropriate to say “everything in the universe is vibration.” It’s whatContinue reading “Energy, Frequency, Vibration: Part I”

Beyond Literature

A true artist never calls a specific canvas “the one,” because that puts ceilings on their abilities. The following is a gallery of just a few of the things that I’ve built with my bare hands.. well… And tools. You get the point. Check it.. My First Blade To make a very long story short,Continue reading “Beyond Literature”

“Bad Kid” Reading Material

Peaceful Pill Handbook is the “pro” side of the euthanasia debate. A lot of interesting things in there. DiosRaw prompted this entire post, as a matter of fact. My gift to you, homie! Werd! Ok… As a disclaimer, I will go on record saying DON’T TRY THE SHIT YOU READ IN THIS BOOK! However, IContinue reading ““Bad Kid” Reading Material”

Generational Evolution

Two-thirds of your Life is accounted for… A third of most days devoted to working and a third to sleep (assuming you sleep as recommended). This leaves you a third to live as you choose. Yesterday, I turned thirty. I didn’t celebrate, or even so much as get out of bed until dusk. I laidContinue reading “Generational Evolution”

An Experiment

I decided to attempt to write a poem using only one letter per line, never reusing a letter. This is the result. The photo is what happens when I run out of ink and I have the irresistible urge to continue writing. Enjoy! Flee far from fictitious foundation Lest liars lay lorn lore… Smell singedContinue reading “An Experiment”