Energy, Frequency, Vibration: Part I

Can you hear it? The hum that seems to never cease? The ringing in your ear that you don’t always notice, but can’t seem to shake once you do?

The universe is constantly vibrating, as well as everything in it. In fact, it’s more appropriate to say “everything in the universe is vibration.” It’s what holds everything together, in a manner of speaking. At the atomic level, atoms give and take electrons between one another to balance their individual stability.

This seems irrelevant to us, because we can’t really see it in action on a regular basis. The thing is… You DO see it in action, constantly! This is because, well… you exist! You’re here to read this text, which means that you haven’t broken apart at the atomic level!

Sure, it’s easy to claim such a thing with no hard evidence. Yet, the proof is in the research, and in the implementation. Think of Hiroshima; that is the result of splitting atoms. When you break the vibratory structure, you create a vibration that is infinitely more disruptive.

Nikola Tesla, has been a common reference in many modern scientific works. He can be noted for giving us the ability to take things for granted such as GPS, and wireless charging. Things that, truthfully, should have been available to the public ages ago.

While we may not have been able to enjoy Wardencliffe Tower, in those days, we can still be astounded by his research. The things that he was certain of, as if they were simply common knowledge, would still change the world even today.

One such discovery, was the electrical grid that the planet created. The atmosphere holds a large amount of electrical charge, and this is evident in multiple ways, but the fascinating thing is how it moves! It isn’t free flowing as you might think, but rather controlled by the Earth’s polarity.

This is what Tesla hoped to achieve with Wardencliffe Tower, was universal free energy, pulled directly from the Earth, as it truly is a generator of sorts. I digress…

That same electrical grid is part of what keeps those vibrations in tune. The electromagnetic frequencies surging through the atmosphere, are what I personally believe, give us conscious experience. That too, is digressing lol

Did you know you could listen to certain frequencies, and benefit from them? You could also be hindered by them! There are specific tones that resonate with your bodies nervous system, which are the vibratory equal to therapeutic massage.

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