Beyond Literature

A true artist never calls a specific canvas “the one,” because that puts ceilings on their abilities.

The following is a gallery of just a few of the things that I’ve built with my bare hands.. well… And tools. You get the point. Check it..

My First Blade

To make a very long story short, a friend of mine piqued my interest in bladesmithing. So I did just that.

I loved the kukri style of blade; highly efficient as both a tool and a weapon. What it lacked (imo) was the gut hook, which I implemented, as you can see. It’s the only kukri I’ve ever seen with one.

This was my first attempt at blade/blacksmithing. Not too shabby.

For Family

Easily my all-time favorite work. Before my grandma rejoined the cosmic waters, I commissioned her a cane, that had the lyrics to the Sound Of Music carved into it. It was beautiful.

At her funeral, my great aunt asked if I could finesse her a similar piece. So I started on it.

The original was Brazilian cherry, but was slightly longer than she could comfortably use. So I told her I would shorten it up a bit…

I got the proper measurements, then I ordered a piece of actual Gabon Ebony, that measured somewhere in the 46″ range, and was 2″×2″. It was quite expensive, but well worth it. I never ordered anything but Ebony after working with it this one time.

Trade secrets are meant for tradesman, and that’s all that needs said. Needless to say, the look on my aunt’s face made it worth the effort. I look forward to commissioning another.

The Ham

It began as the front of a Durango chassis. Cut into ten or so pieces, then welded firmly together to form the solid fourteen pound block. Fourteen pounds doesn’t seem like much, until it’s on the end of a three foot handle.

I won’t divulge too many trade secrets, but this was easily one of my favorite works, to this day.

Lightweight Highly Illegal

An “acquaintance” of mine asked if I could fit his late father’s sawed off double barrel with a fore-grip and a handle, and I obliged him.

In Ebony, of course.

The inner workings of the primer pin mechanisms were difficult to “relieve” into the pieces that I carved out, but it came together relatively nicely. It also didn’t take his hand off, thankfully!

Skirts Are For MEN!

This was fun, I won’t lie. A leaf spring from a pickup truck, took a week of heating and annealing to straighten out. Peep the video below for the ultimate final product!

Grip carved from Ebony… Of course.

So this is the testament to my blacksmithing skills. This enormous fucking sword could literally dig into concrete without so much as scratching the finish on the blade.

Where you see nuts and bolts was finalized with brass pins, which were ball peen hammered until mushroomed to a tight squeeze.

Lucille’s Much Bigger Brother

⅜” holes drilled accordingly, followed by epoxy, followed by manifold studs that protruded approximately 1 ½”.

Another “lightweight Highly Illegal” work. Swinging it is as simple as hitting a high slider; it’s removing the bat from the “ball” that becomes an issue… 👀

I MAY add more, we’ll see. For now, I think you’ve had enough.

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