“Bad Kid” Reading Material

Peaceful Pill Handbook is the “pro” side of the euthanasia debate. A lot of interesting things in there. DiosRaw prompted this entire post, as a matter of fact. My gift to you, homie! Werd!

Ok… As a disclaimer, I will go on record saying DON’T TRY THE SHIT YOU READ IN THIS BOOK! However, I have tried a few things from it and… most of them work. Badass book! Perfect stocking stuffer for a thirteen year old delinquent!

Kali is the computer operating system used by the worlds leading penetration testers. In other words, this is a hackers bible. You can download Kali Linux free of charge, but you can’t attain the source code due to the fact that Offensive Security (the writers of the OS) refuses to allow open source versions of their masterpiece. For good reason. Shit is dangerous!

Ok, I know how it sounds, but this is the real deal! You can do a simple Google search to verify its authenticity! This debriefing entails the assigned officers experiences and discoveries, which… frankly, they are astounding. Did he lose his mind, or is it true? You decide. Personally, I think he found the secrets to the universe! This was presented to the commanding officer in 1983, and we’re only now figuring out that the universe is likely a simulated laser show. This one is a bit of a rabbit hole, so thinkers beware!

More To Come At A Separate Never Ceasing “Now.”

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