Generational Evolution

Two-thirds of your Life is accounted for…

A third of most days devoted to working and a third to sleep (assuming you sleep as recommended). This leaves you a third to live as you choose.

Yesterday, I turned thirty. I didn’t celebrate, or even so much as get out of bed until dusk. I laid for the entirety of the day and dreamt more times than I could count. In fact, I dreamt so much that when I was fully conscious finally, I had to test my psyche to be sure I was really awake!

Lingering R.E.M sensations are always the best. On par with what I can only assume it must feel like to be freshly deceased without the fractal geometry; assuming there is any sensation at all to be felt.

It’s a curious thing, aging… When I was a kid, I was stoked to get older and just know things, you know? Like what it means to find your purpose. As I progressed through the levels and barely was able to conquer the boss stages, I started to realize that no one has the cheat codes. No one could give you a walkthrough on any level, because each level was entirely different for every individual playing the game.

Some food for thought:

We can only know as much right now as the current collective allows. Meaning that, you’ll die with less of a logical answer to life than a fifteen year old has a hundred years from today. The reason for this is simple; because science and understanding have an exponential rate of growth.

Less than a decade ago, we thought that black holes were only science fiction, even though Einstein’s theories allowed for the possibility of their existence. Then one morning, I swiped right on my home screen to see the current events and there it was; in all of its glory, a real visual of a real black hole!

Try to imagine living during the Dark Ages, when it was considered heresy to perform post-mortem incisions for the benefit of science, yet it was perfectly reasonable to burn people alive if enough people thought they were fairy tale creatures. It was perfectly reasonable to cut a man in half for believing in the same god, a different way. I suppose that’s still a thing, isn’t it?

Now imagine how mind blown a sixty year old (rare for that time) would feel if they were thrusted forward in time, to sit in on a fourth grade science class. Hell, a sixty year old today would probably feel pretty mind blown…

Best timeless advice for Life:

“Row your boat gently down the stream. Merrily; life is but a dream…”

Eliphalet Oram Lyte

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"Me" can loosely be described as a blob of organic tissues lost as to why.

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