An Experiment

I decided to attempt to write a poem using only one letter per line, never reusing a letter. This is the result. The photo is what happens when I run out of ink and I have the irresistible urge to continue writing.


Flee far from fictitious foundation

Lest liars lay lorn lore…

Smell singed skin scented sorrow

Under uterine ulcers until untimely unknowns

Cast callous consequence conjuring cadaverous conundrums…

Tears trickling trails turn trepidation to tyranny

Via villainous vulpine viewpoints vexing viscous vats

Of our oily organic ovum ovulating over ocular oddities…

Zen zombie zoo’s…

Elusive eyes envy every effort ending either etiquette et erudite edification…

Although arduous, attentive as all astrological awe allows

We will wage war where wicked wit wades whirling water whirlwinds…

Prayers predict perilous perdition per poverty

Quickly quandaries quake quite questionable query

Hindering humble homesteads holding hostilities high…

Dystopian destruction deals dystrophic damnation dutifully…

Guerilla groups ghost grotesque governmental gods

Justice jolts jaded jury

X-Day xenogenesis

Yesterday yields yin-yang yearning

Beautiful bare breasted bodies boast budded bouquets

Nested near nurturing nubile nipple nectar…

Monstrous man-made monoliths

Ruined rapturous, regurgitating red roses

Kissing knowledgeable kin, killing kids

Inside inconclusive incremental insanity…

Published by dethinteknicolr

"Me" can loosely be described as a blob of organic tissues lost as to why.

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