On Death: Part III

If you’re unfamiliar with the physical notion of dying; that is to say, if you’ve never witnessed death, then it can be difficult to grasp the full gravity of “no longer existing.” At least not as you are now. Many of you who read this may condemn me for what I’m about to do, but remember this… I am quite appreciative of Life in general and I have Love for everyone, even if I can’t stand them. It shakes me to my core to witness death, and has for many years; still, I find myself watching.

“I need to watch things die from a good safe distance. Vicariously, I live, while the whole world dies. You all feel the same so why can’t we just admit it?”

Vicarious- TOOL

There used to be a website called “Bestgore,” which you could visit and witness macabre realism on many levels. Think if it as a news media outlet, except that they told the entire truth. People from all around the world would post videos everyday of people dying, sometimes quite violently. The site has since been defunct, but you can still find others like it, though none quite of the same magnitude.

Rotten.com is one of the oldest gore sites on the internet, and has to hide in plain sight as not to be lynched by the softer of us. It is mostly only photos, if memory serves me correctly, but still is quite graphic. The reason I am showing you this is simply because… It is the truth. I would not hide the real hard truth of the world from anyone, just as I will not lie to my daughter about the rabbit that allegedly lays eggs…

If you wish to remain ignorant of what the world truly is, then by all means, avoid this link, this post, and simply carry on. However, if you are one of those who can stomach such things, it is a good lesson. I had mentioned Bestgore earlier and this is why… There are many things to be learned from witnessing the act of dying. Humbleness, being the most needed in all of us, as well as appreciation, respect for Life, and caution in all things.

I wrote this post today because a 21 year old man that I knew hit a car on his motorcycle doing 120mph with his girlfriend on the back. She still lays in critical condition, but the man was sent flying into a utility pole and was killed on impact. I knew him well enough to have unresolved issues with him, and that bothers me quite a bit. Not as much as the fact that my three year old is broken up about it, because it was her step-father. She knew him from the time she was born. Before you ask; no, it wasn’t the mother of my lil girl on the bike.

Anyway… I have seen a lot of death throughout my relatively short life so far. It doesn’t really get any easier to deal with, you just start to understand that it’s not exactly a family reunion in the sky, though that sounds lovely… Go back to Part I of this series and you’ll see how I personally view this subject. Science is God, which makes physics Heaven.

I hope you all are well out there this lovely morning!


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