Time: Part I

Hands on a clock tick and we perceive a forward momentum from it. “Time is moving,” is a very common thing we say. It’s either too fast or too slow, but the comfortable medium seems to elude us. Studies are constantly being conducted to further understand our human viewpoint of Time and its mechanics, though all of the conclusions thus far have really just been only that; our viewpoint.

Subjectively, we still know very little of what Time truly is. What we can say for certain, is that the agreed upon societal standard for what Time is, is a human-made concept tantamount to our exaggerated value of money. Which likely explains the ever growing need to “save Time,” or “spend Time,” wisely. You might as well be trying to spend the air in your lungs or the Love in your heart.

Silly, right?…

I wanna show you something before I continue, that I think everyone should realize. It’s my explanation for why we will never truly know what Time is from our human capacity for understanding. Now, check this out…

You have to know that Time isn’t a location, right? I mean, that’s pretty basic stuff. Yet, we can’t explain in human words moments in Time other than “now,” without referencing them as a location. Wishing we could “go back” to certain moments or being excited to “see the future” when we “get there.” Sometimes we perceive ourselves as the location and say “when the future comes.” It’s all a ruse to mask the fact that we literally cannot understand such a concept. It’s unknowable fundamentally.

Which begs the question “why type up this blog post, then?” Well… because, we may not understand a profound ideal such as the nature of Time or its mechanical structure. However, not everyone can put things such as this into a box and label it, like I have here. This allows a dialogue initiation to, at the very least, admit the truth and maybe have a mind or two blown in the process.

One more thing before I sign off; the structure of space and Time are fluid and arachnoid. In other words, try to imagine a spider web that spans in every direction possible. “Omnidirectional,” I believe is the term. (Note the visual representation of Space-Time in the title photo) It would appear as a silk worm nest from afar, but if you were inside of it you’d be stuck firmly in place, right? This is another means of explaining how and why there can only ever be “right now.”

This is because, the web holds you firmly in place (there’s that location stuff again), which means one of two things. Either we are truly stuck in this moment for eternity, as other moments in Time occur simultaneously all around us; connecting to one another via webbing and synapses that keep it flowing like a movie. Individual pictures taken at millionths of a second and stapled together to form a “flip book” that we perceive as our lives.


Space and Time flow through us. Which means that we are time. Kinda makes more sense if you ask me, but I really like the flip book concept too!

Part II coming soon…

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