Ego Death: Part I


Circa 2015, I became interested in altered states of consciousness after reading Terrence McKenna’s cult classic, “Food of the Gods,” and Dr. Rick Strassman’s, “DMT: The Spirit Molecule.” In case you’re unfamiliar, Terrence McKenna is famous for introducing Psilocybin mushrooms to the western world. He, and his brother Dennis, would develop a method of cultivating magic mushrooms that was easily replicated using common household items.

Dr. Strassman, on the other hand, is most well known for his clinical research into the phenomenon of near-death experiences. The book is a comprehensive journaling of the first clinical studies conducted on humans where Dimethyltryptamine, “DMT” was intravenously administered in a controlled environment.

Dimethyltryptamine, by the way, is a basic chemical found all throughout nature. It is the building block of all tryptamine metabolites, which are part of the essential amino acid, tryptophan. It’s endogenous to our human brain and is produced by the Pineal Gland, (“Third Eye”) which sits in the center of your brain, proximal from the bridge of your nose about an inch and superior to your eyes about 3/4 of an inch.

FUN FACT: Lizards also have a Pineal Gland and theirs is situated comparable to ours. However, unlike our primitive Pineal Gland, theirs actually has a retina and cornea! It truly is an "eye!"


Prior to reading these incredible pieces of literature, I was convinced that I was experiencing severe dissociation; which is entirely plausible. For some reason, I could never shake the feeling that I was watching life play out from behind the eyes of a stranger. As if it were a movie. For years, I attempted to find answers to this mind-bender, only to find disappointment at every prospect.

(Enter the aforementioned literature), The books were the beginning of what would become the answer I desperately yearned to find for so long. Somewhere between the pages of those two masterpieces, I was hooked. I dug up every bit of information I could on altered states of consciousness; even ordered the translation of The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

It’s amazing what kind of fascinating things are in that book! It is a detailed instruction manual on how to traverse the 49 human days following one’s death. Usually, read aloud by a Buddhist spiritual leader on each of the 49 days, in hopes of instructing the soul of the recently deceased through the Bardos and into their next incarnation.

Here’s where it gets really interesting… Coinciding with the Bardo Thodol, (Tibetan Book of the Dead), Dr. Strassman had noted the odd coincidence that the Pineal Gland in human fetuses is formed and functional approximately 49 days after conception! This is, in my honest opinion, the single greatest, underrated scientific finding in modern history. This is the part where you start getting goosebumps, and raised hairs…

“I’m a little lost, can you elaborate?”


I’m happy to, Friend! The “third eye” is not a new discovery. It is referenced by many religious texts that predate Christianity by thousands of years. Hindu texts, to be specific. It has been called “the seat of the soul” whereby your vessel windows (the eyes) are looked through to view the manifest plane (“reality”).

Suddenly, my dissociation was making sense! It wasn’t detachment from reality, rather an awakening to reality with little-to-no worldly human biases!

Anyway… Dr. Strassman had connected the dots that were previously not considered by the Western medical community. That there is a likelihood of direct connection between the duration of fetal development for the Pineal Gland and the 49 days it presumably takes a soul to find its way into reincarnation!!…

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