On Death: Part II

To “die of old age” is a misconceived expression. It’s impossible for death or time to relinquish life. Though time can certainly facilitate mechanisms that are responsible for snuffing out our proverbial flames, typically, even time itself has no affect on our longevity.

Currently, the number one cause of death worldwide is Ischemic Heart Disease; the narrowing of coronary arteries due to plaque buildup along the arterial walls. Meaning poor diet, little to no exercise, smoking, drugs, weight, etc are all external factors that ultimately lead us to our extinguishment.

Not to say that’s how you’re going to die. It’s just most likely what will occur. Which brings up another good point! “Die” is a verb; an action word. Think about that for a moment…

You have to be in action for death (the event) to begin. How often have you seen a corpse and thought, “Wow, look at em’ go. He’s really swift isn’t he?” It’s incredibly simple to dismiss the inconsistencies our human understanding has toward the profound. We continue our days as if we were never alerted to a discrepancy at all. Yet, the fact remains…

The cycle of life is the one thing that every creature shares. No matter how badly you want to avoid the truth that you are an animal and part of nature just as much as the worm in the dirt; the fact remains…

Our society is no different than a bee hive, or ant colony. They believe that they are building toward a solid future just as we do. It will all wash away just the same. The fact remains….

We ought to start celebrating death. There’s far too much self pity involved in mourning, when we could be excited to cross that threshold. All it would take is a simple shift in perspective. Alan Watts mentioned the pains of birth being comparable to the pains of death. Stating that we coach women through the birthing process so why not do the same for the latter?

This way, when we go to see a dying loved one we don’t give them half hearted smiles and lie about seeing them at the next family gathering. We can look them dead in the eye (intended pun) and tell them how proud we are. That they made it finally and we hope their trip is as good out as it was on the way in.

Stay tuned for Part III…

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