Try explaining to a droplet of water that it is literally the oceans, seas, rivers, and every great lake in between. Explain to it how in its current form you can understand why it’s hard to see it that way, but that when it returns to the collective it will harness the power to change landscapes, topple civilizations, and sustain life on the entire planet through an endless cycle.

Make sure to let it know that its current form is vital for the cycle to continue. That it will hit the ground, where it will dissolve and evaporate. Then it will fly in molecular form to join itself in the skies to fall again until it joins the oceans once more. If you haven’t smelled what I’m stepping in, then allow me to elaborate: You are that droplet of water; we all are!

Of course this is analogical and perhaps you’re a realist? So then we look inside your gastrointestinal tract where we see countless forms of microbial life. Each one serving a unique purpose to sustain the biome within your warzone of an organic system. Fungi, bacteria, archaea, and literally thousands of smaller classifications of microbes, all there to digest the things that your body can’t, so that they can have a place to thrive and you can have a nice poop!

Now let’s turn the dial on our electron microscope until we reach human perspective. We’re in a dilapidated city somewhere in the Middle East. It’s been evacuated by everyone who didn’t meet their end during the barrage of carpet bombs that painted this desolate picture. Explosions can be heard from every direction at varying distances, paired with quick successions of three-round-burst gunfire as a garnish on the bloody steak.

Through the smoke and dust, out of the second story window of a once lively school building a small flash can be glimpsed if you have the attentive capacity to count dust particles. Almost a full second later, some thousand yards away, at an intersection where a group of U.N soldiers are passively patrolling, one of the group yells “INBOUND!” as the man in front of him buckles to the ground with half of his head intact.

Being that the man was never recovered, he lay there as lifeless as the MRE he’d ingested only hours prior to his untimely demise. After a day or so in the desert heat his body became the target for the countless bacterium within his gastrointestinal tract. If this was a time-elapsed montage you’d be pretty distraught right now to witness the macabre things crawling in and out of John Doe’s wound. The biome in which his body sustained for all the years he lived finally and inevitably spilled out through the very flesh that contained it.

I mean this as no disrespect, it’s simply a method of persuading a perspective dialogue. If John Doe feels disrespected then I’m certain he’s got half the mind to let me know.. (Que the snare)

The reason I went this far was to take it another step outward. You’re now at the perspective of a titan, looking down at Earth from a distance somewhere near Venus. You don’t see the wars. You don’t see the school building with the sniper. You don’t see John Doe, or the biome he became the last meal for. You don’t see the person explaining to a droplet of water what it is….

Yet, you can see the oceans, the seas, the rivers, and every great lake between. This is perspective, my friends. One shifting to a greater picture than the next and all of them are a fractal of the last. This is also called “Harmony.” Not to say “peaceful,” but more appropriately to say “balance.” Harmony is the result of Karma, because it is Harmony that Karma keeps the balance of.

It may be too early to take you all on this ride. If not, please let me know in the comments how you see this kaleidoscopic viewpoint. Perhaps someone is familiar with the connection between this and the Golden Ratio? Pique my curiosity.

Published by dethinteknicolr

"Me" can loosely be described as a blob of organic tissues lost as to why.

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