On Death: Part I

To live is to wade through the salty oceans of conscious experience and to die is to shower the salt away. “To live” is not the same as Life (capitalized); which is a collective energy that grants us the ability to live and experience this plane of existence. Death is simply a transition meant to renew Life. It is not an energy or force of nature such as Life. Life has no yang. No equal. No adversary.

Death is an event. A scientifically explainable occurrence which has no “soul” of its own. Imagine if someone told you that every time a candle burned out it was facilitated by the “Reaper of Flames and Eternal Soul of Candle Snuffing.” You’d probably have them committed, right? We are no more than candles losing the ability to burn efficiently. So the energy potential held within gets dispersed back into the cosmos, just as a candle burns to convert its potential into light and heat energy. Let’s rewind.

1915: “Special Relativity” was published, thereby dawning a new age for physics. It shed new light into previous works that otherwise never could have been seen in such a way. Primarily the translation by Émilie du Châtelet of Sir Issac Newtons 1687 publication, “Principia.” Contributing to the book of Newtonian Laws, she added parts entailing the conservation of energy as a whole. When assimilated, Einstein’s work could be seen as more than just formulations. The entirety of this publication is still the base for many fields of modern physics.

The significance of this fact and its relation to the material you’re reading right now is headed by one portion. The formula that we all have seen but many have no clue of its profound meaning, “E=mc²,” basically says that energy converted into mass converts back to energy and vice versa. Even simpler we could just say that energy and mass are interchangeable.

The Law of Conservation of Energy is the broader explanation. It states that in any given area the amount of energy that fills the space will forever remain constant no matter which form it takes. Energy can never be destroyed or created; only transferred, transformed, or converted. Knowing that mass and energy are interchangeable and that the energies throughout our universe are indestructible in any regular sense, it’s therefore safe to infer that most (if not all) energy has been converted into tangible mass at some point.

You are energy. Electromagnetism and organic tissue with a frame of minerals. When looked at even closer it’s surreal to see how we are comprised of other organic creatures living in symbiotic harmony to allow the very breath in your lungs to convert oxygen into healthy oxygenated blood. Under a microscope you truly don’t even exist. The only part of your body you can say isn’t made up from other living things is your bones and even they are governed by the atoms that are 99.9999996% empty space.

“Intriguing” is an understatement. Within the near future I’ll type up Part II of this likely unending series. I love philosophical topics such as this and I get passionate when discussing them, as you can see by my digression. I welcome anyone reading to join the discussion! Werd up.

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"Me" can loosely be described as a blob of organic tissues lost as to why.

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